Gibson Pickups

I decided to switch gears this week and instead of focusing on penetration testing, focus on pickup testing. One hotly debated issue these days (rarely picked up by mainstream media, no pun intended…that’s a lie, it was obviously intentional) is the difference in stock Gibson pickups; which is better, which is smoother, which is louder, etc. While YouTube and other outlets provide a wealth of knowledge on such topics, I have/had yet to find an informative video which gives ample demonstration of the BurstBucker Pro vs the BurstBucker 1…and in this case I’m specifically talking about the neck pickup (perhaps we’ll delve into the bridge another day).

Not only is it, of course, helpful to hear someone demo these pickups…but to do it such a way that your ear can truly hear the differences (or lack thereof) in the same sounds, back to back (as opposed to playing an entire solo, start to finish, and then playing it a second time after your ear’s palate has forgotten the prior).

In this video I’m playing a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Light Burst) for the BurstBucker Pro, and a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (Heritage Cherry) for the BurstBucker 1. Both are played through a Marshall DSL40cr with some added spring reverb from a Strymon Big Sky.

My honest conclusion from this is that I don’t hear significant difference, but I enjoyed the BurstBucker 1 slightly better. Maybe I played that sample cleaner, maybe my setup is better in that guitar, maybe it’s the resonance of the non weight-relieved body, or maybe it’s actually the pickups…but I did like that ever-so-slightly better than the other.