As an enthusiast of many things related to guitars and software, this blog strives to combine thoughts and experiences on each in a somewhat-sensible way.


Happy New Year

It’s been a busy few months and I haven’t had much opportunity to explore new blog material, but today’s the day I change that. I came up with two completely unrelated videos to share. 1) A clip featuring a very talented actor portraying a doctor. I admire the way he intently examines his notes while …

Frog Family Band

Today is Lydia’s 5th Birthday.  She’s an amazing kid and I love her dearly.  Here’s a glimpse into the life and personality of Lydia.  This is all original content.  

SQL Server Profiling

Considering that Gibson Pickups are fresh on my mind, I’d like to delve deeper into SQL Server Profiling. While the Profiler provides immensely helpful data, and while I love parameterized SQL (for all the reasons that it keeps me and the rest of the world safer), the combination of the two of these provide rather …